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A detailed map of Acharavi and near places

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Acharavi is a lively resort in the north part of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google Acharavi map to zoom in and get a detailed view of Acharavi and the near palces. Acharavi map is on the northern coast of the Greek island of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea,39km north of the island's capital and 40km from the airport.. Acharavi stands on a long sand/shingle, gently-shelving beach whichstretches between Kassiopi and Roda and is ideal for a relaxing beach holiday. There is a good choice of tavernas, restaurants, bars and a disco. The island's largest mountain, Mount Pantokrator, is less than an hour's walk away and the views are spectacular. Best time to visit Acharavi is May-October

Today, Acharavi s a popular resort offering a wide range of accommodation and facilties. It is known as the Capitol of the north of Corfu island.  In years past, it was necessary to travel to Corfu Town for shopping and various ad-hoc purchases. Around 40km from the airport, it takes about an hour to get into Acharavi. The scenery on the journey is stunning as you pass through the mountains and quaint old Greek villages. Acharavi map comprises a main road with about 8 roads all leading to the sand and shingle beach. The beach is particularly family-friendly as the water is shallow for about 50 metres into the sea. The main road and beach-front are littered with bars, restaurants and shops

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