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A detailed map of Agios Georgios and near places

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Agios Georgios is a lively resort in the south west part of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google Agios Georgios map to zoom in and get a detailed view of Agios Georgios and the near palces. Agios Georgios map is on the southwest coast of the of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea, 33km south of Corfu island's capital and 31km from the airport. Agios Georgios is a small resort with no real traditional centre but offering a decent choice of tavernas and bars,
a couple of discos and basic shopping. Agios Georgios south has two main beaches reached by quiet country lanes.

There are around 6 miles of sandy beach in Agios Georgios including the busier south beach and the resort runs along a parallel road and is bordered by olive groves and cypress trees that benefit from the winter rains. Paragliding, snorkelling and jet skiing are among the water sports on offer at Agios Georgios south. Boat trips are available from the beach. Walkers and cyclists could enjoy excursions into the surrounding countryside and visit some of the more secluded and pretty Corfu villages as well as other spectacular Corfu beaches. You can explore little coves to
the north, take a shopping trip to Corfu town or walk to the market town of Argyrades village, two miles from the Agios Georgios (Saint George), to sample the simple delights of traditional styly Corfu village café life and a superb setting

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