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A detailed map of Ipsos and near places

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Ipsos is a lively party resort in the east of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge)
and get a detailed street map of Ipsps area and near palces. You can locate Ipsos map on on Corfu's eastern coast. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the hills and mountains of northern Corfu map, Ipsos present a very lively Corfu holiday resort with a vast selection of bars, tavernas, discos and nightclubs. In the past years Ipsos tended to attract a predominantly young crowd that flock here for the party atmosphere and late night revelry. Ipsos is ideally located within easy reach of Corfu Town where you can shop till you drop or walk around the archaeological and ancient sites

There is a lot of fun to be had on Ipsos beach with lots of great water sport facilities available such as windsurfing and water skiing. The blue flag awarded beach is perfect for families, with a clean pebbly beach that gently shelves in to clear waters – ideal for kids to paddle in! So pick your spot to sunbathe in, sit back and enjoy your beach holiday in Ipsos. The 2 km long sandy and shingle beach is Blue Flag awarded and offers water sport facilities and a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. The famous resort of Barbati with its marvellous beach and crystal waters is 4 km away from Ipsos map. Above all, it is a place to party for the young, with countless bars and discos of every description

Valentinos is a family run complex situated in the heart of Ipsos map. Located in the evergreen resort of Agios Markos in Corfu. Valentino maisonettes (apartments and studios) offers everything for a complete memorable holiday. It is a small family run complex, preserving the local architectural characteristics amidst 12000 m2 of land with breathtaking views. Excellent location of the complex is15 min walk to Ipsos seafront (see Ipsos map) & lively nightlife of the resort.

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