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A detailed map of Agios Gordios and near places

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Agios is a lively holiday resort in the west side of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge)
and get a detailed street map of Agios Gordios area and near palces. You can locate Agios Gordios map on Corfu's western coast. Agios Gordios is surrounded by green olive-clad mountains that lead down to a long golden sandy beach with crystal clear water. At the village you can find everything you might need. There are many accommodation options like: hotels, apartments, studios, restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets and all the kind of services.
Set in the middle of Corfu island map, Agios Gordios has a great and ideal location to explore the island by car or bike

Agios Gordios attracts a cosmopolitan mix of visitors from different countries and all various ages, and is very much a family orientated resort, it is quite small and you there are no discos or loud music bars to disturb the equilibrium.
There is good choice of traditional tavernas and some excellent restaurants that will keep you amply fed and watered throughout yourstay. Within 3km from Agios Gordios map, there are 3 traditional Greek villages (Garounas, Pentati & Sinarades) where you can go by foot through picturesque paths and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Each village has to offer something to its visitor and is definitely worth seeing all of them. Best time to visit Agios Gordios is May-October

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