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Sidari is a lively holiday resort in the south of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge) and get a detailed street map of Sidari area. You can locate Sidari map on on Corfu's northern coast. The main village street is lined with shops, tavernas, and music bars, while after dark, Sidari's three discos do a roaring trade. There are boat trips and excursions to nearby resorts and Corfu Town, so there's always plenty to do. Sidari is almost 40 klm away from Corfu Town (also named as Kerkyra) and has a transfer time is about (90 min) ninety minutes.
Sidari is an area which is safe for all the family, but which has enough hidden appeal to entice the more adventurous holidaymaker, and where no one will be short of things to do. Best time to visit Sidari is from May to late October.

Sidari main town is just under 2,5 klm long and not more than 1 klm wide. It is one of the most rapidly developing resorts in Corfu and most of the latest developments are family-owned, small-scale apartment blocks with nothing over 3 storeys. The small, busy centre has a one-way traffic system. Parts of the beach front remain ? as yet ? pleasantly undeveloped. Neighbouring Canal d'Amour is a secondary resort built on top of the unusual soft sandstone cliffs, which have eroded to create numerous inlets and sandy coves, reached by steep ladders, the farthest ones are less frequented and used for gaining all-over tans. An area boasting among the best beaches on Corfu, it is typical of the ‘new generation’ of holiday resorts which sprang up from the 1980s onwards. Anyone who comes to Corfu for the beaches will be more than satisfied by Sidari. Dotted around the many inlets created in the soft rock along the coast are several small bays which give the area a choice of beaches unrivalled almost anywhere else in the Greek islands

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