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A detailed map of Moraitika and near places

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Moraitika is a lively resort in the south east part of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google Moraitika map to zoom
in and get a detailed view of Moraitika and the near palces. Moraitika map is on the soutjeast coast of the Greek island of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea, 20km south of the island's capital and 18km from the airport. Moraitika has a long sand & shingle beach shelving into the Ionian Sea. The Greek mainland lies a few kilometres across the water offering splendid views of the hills and mountains along the coastline. Sun-beds hired on a daily basis and there are various water-sports available. Numerous bars and tavernas serving snacks and meals can be found along Moraitika beach.

Telis complex are really nice apartments complex located in beautiful Moraitika holiday resort, in Corfu. Only 40m for the beach and 200m from the center of Moraitika. Telis Studios is an ideal place for your summer holidays. All  studios and apartments are spacious and comfortable, equipped with en suite bathroom, balconies. With private parking

A short drive away from Moraitika map (approximately 15 mins), on the West coast, lie the very long sandy beaches of Halicouna & Issos. Just behind Halicouna lies Lake Korission, a nature reserve, whilst Issos is backed by large sand dunes.To the South of Moraitika map lie the fishing villages of Messonghi, Boukari & Petriti with a selection of fine fish taverna. In Moraitika, you can expect to find everything you need for your holiday.  There are several cash machines, many supermarkets stocking a wide range of Greek and international produce, car hire companies, chemists, Medical Centres, Travel Agents who can exchange money and advise you regarding excursions around Corfu island etc.

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