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A detailed map of Kavos and near places

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Kavos is a lively party resort in the south of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge)
and get a detailed street map of Kavos area and near palces. You can locate Kavos map on on Corfu's southern coast. If you are looking for a full fortnight of sun and sand and you love to party by night and chill by day then the resort of Kavos is your kind of place. Kavos street map is jammed with bars and clubs … and the bars and clubs are packed with people whose idea of a good time is likely to match your own. For the former there's a beautiful sandy beach stretching five miles from start to finish – so loads of snoozing space there. Best time to go in Kavos is May to October

With more than 80 bars and at least four clubs, Kavos is a party-mad town, where the jam never ends. Its glorious beaches, sunny days and bangin' nights make for unforgettable holidays. Although Kavos map boasts a 5 mile sweep of sandy beaches (there may be seaweed in low season) with watersports in high season, most of the action is centered around the hotel swimming pools and bars. A popular excursion from Kavos is to take a boat across the Ionian Sea to Albania. It's only two miles away from the Greek island, but is a completely different world. You need to travel to Corfu Town first, where a coach will take you to the port. Travelling to the archaeological site is recommended

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