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A detailed map of Kassiopi and near places

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Kassipi is a livelyy resort in the northaest of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google Kassiopi map to zoom in and get a detailed view of Kassiopi and the near palces. Kassiopi map is on the northeast coast of the Greek island of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea, 36km north of the island's capital and 36km from the airport.. Friendly, easy-going Kassiopi is one of the few Corfu resorts to have retained its village atmosphere. Centring on a horse-shoe harbour, where half a dozen blue-and-white wooden fishing boats moor up each morning with the night's catch, Kassiopi also boasts five small pebble beaches, and a peninsular planted with olive trees and capped by the ruins of a Byzantine castle.

Kassiopi harbour with its little square is today the focal point of the town's social life by day and a pretty trendy place by night. The villafe has plenty of quieter calmer bars and local and internationl restaurants, the latter a mix of tourist and traditional, with particularly good fresh fish thanks to Kassiopi fishermen. Kassiopi is popular to young visitors, families and groups, but without the excesses of some of the more notorious party spots in Greece. Parents of fun - loving teenagers can easily find peace, quiet and beauty within a short walk of Kassiopi centre. If you have the energy, climb Mount Pantokrator, for some of the best views in the world. Transfer time to Kassiopi from Corfu town is 90 min

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