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A detailed map of Dassia and near places

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Dassia is a lively party resort in the south of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge)
and get a detailed street map of Dassia and the near palces. You can locate Dassia map on on Corfu's eastern coast. Situated a few miles north of Corfu Town, Dassia is a popular, spread-out resort, whose focal point is an excellent shingle beach with to-die-for views. This area is popular because of its beaches and water sports as well as its lively nightlife. Its close proximity to Kerkyra, one of the most interesting of all Greek towns, is an added attraction. It is also close to Ipsos and Kontokali which are both noted for their vibrant nightlife. Best time to visit Dassia is May to October.

You can find the Marilena Studios and Apartments at a distance of 15 minutes drive, from theTown of Corfu. Built on
a hill, in the middle of a traditional olive grove, at the most famous resort and beautiful area of Dassia. Just 350m from the beach and 250m from the centre of Dassia map. From the large balcony you can enjoy the panoramic view of
the area, Dassia bay, mountain Pantokrator and the green lush gardens with the beautiful flowers, in absolute comfort

Dassia is a cosmopolitan resort, with great shopping, tavernas, bars and restaurants that buzz day and night. There is a fantastic selection of water sports to be found all along the wooden jetties that stretch into the sea. But for those who just wish to relax there is the long stretch of shingle beach for just lying back and soaking up the sun. The bars in Dassia swing into action at night, but for those who want some serious non-stop partying, there are buses and taxis to neighbouring Ipsos. Supermarkets, pharmacy, doctors, butchers, atm machines, internet cafes, photo studio are a few of the luxuries can be also found on dassia map. Transportation all around Corfu islande is very easy from dassia

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