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A detailed map of Gouvia and near places

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Gouvia is a lively party resort in the south of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google map to zoom in (enlaarge)
and get a detailed street map of Gouvia and the near palces. You can locate Gouvia map on on Corfu's eastern coast.
Gouvia map is 9 kilometres north of Corfu Town and transfer time isonly 20 minutes. Originally Gouvia, lying in a deep sheltered bay, was a Venetian naval base. Now its mariner holds many luxury yachts. Its shingle beach offers safe bathing and a wide variety of water sports. Not far from Gouvia map is sharing the same beach is the Kontokali resort, where is located the main entrance of Gouvia Marina. Gouvia’s holiday season extends from Easter to and of October

From the other side of Gouvia map about 3Km North you can find the Komeno village where you can walk through the all green hill. Danilia, is also a purpose-built, Greek-style village where folklore performances are organized for evening trips, and it is about 1km from the resort. In addition it is worth visiting the beaches of Kontokali, Dassia and Ipsos where you can spend a few exploring hours walking to these resorts which all of them have something different but although unforgettable to add to your holiday memories! Gouvia is one of the busiest resorts on the east coast of Corfu island and is very popular British and German tourists as well as other Europeans, giving it a cosmopolitan air.

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