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A detailed map of Benitses and near places

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Benitses is a lively resort in the south east part of Corfu island. Clik on the interactive google Benitses map to zoom
in and get a detailed view of Benitses and the near palces. Benitses map is on the soutjeast coast of the Greek island of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea, 10km south of the island's capital and 09km from the airport. Benitses is one of the oldest tourism resorts of the island and was discovered by the British and German tour operators somewhere around 1970s. The 1970s and 1980s brought mass tourism to the Benitses village with lots of 18-30s style british visitors.

Benitses can cater for all tastes. Visitors can enjoy a relaxed holiday with plenty of opportunities for watersports on the organised pebbled beaches and a diversity of restaurants offering authentic local food, but there is also stuff to do for the more adventurous. In fact the village is a reknowned nightlife hotspot with numerous clubs and bars playing both greek and international music for those wanting to stay up all night dancing. The village of Benitses in Corfu is the perfect destination for families, couples and anyone who is looking to have a relaxing time in the sun whilst enjoying good hospitality and unique surroundings. At night time, Benitses resort is very safe, romantic and again full of life.

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