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Top 10 and best places to Visit in Corfu town (Kerkyra), Things to go & tourist Attractions !!

Corfu Town

The island exerts a certain charm whose source does not only derive from its natural and unequalled beauty. Corfu has a very interesting hostory, a special architecture of its own and a highly developed civilization nd culture. These characteristics can be found all over the island and even in the most remote places. Naturally a lot of concentrated in Corfu Town. There are o lot of places that a visitor should not miss when being in Town and which will be worth his while. These are 10 very interesting points that no one should miss. Under no circumstances are these all that there is to see in Corfu town and most definitely not all that the whole of the island has to offer. The choices are endless.

1) The Liston is one of the most characteristic points of Corfu island with a special style. It has acquired its name from the "Libro D'Oro" book which consisted of a list (that is where the name Liston comes from), of all the nobility who were the only ones permitted to walk there and enjoy that area. Its architecture is mainly in a French style, resembling a Parisian Boulevard.
This was built between 1807 to1814 during the French reign of the island. There is one version of this historical fact which supports that Mathieu de Lesseps is the designer of these buildings, who was the father of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the constructor of Suez Canal.

2) The Spianada is the notorious square of Corfu and the largest square in the Balkans. Originally the Spianada was created for the military needs of that time and not for the beautiful surroundings which it now provides. It is situated in front of the fortress, which made this open space an ideal firing point during the Venetian reign of Corfu. It was modified into a square in the 19th century by the French. From then until today it remains a very special place of the town setting it apart from all other existing smaller squares.

3) Saint Spyridon's Church. St Spiridon is the Patron Saint of the island. His body lies intact in a silver casket in the church. It is believed that He is the one responsible for many miracles in Corfu. One of the two most important miracles noted is that He once saved the island from the plague, after answering the Corfiots prayers, as there was no help from anyone else. The other is when he once more answered the islander's prayers by saving them from the invasion of the Turks. When the Turks where about to attack from the sea great storms sunk all the Turkish ships. So Corfu was one of the fewest places in Greece to avoid Turkish reign.

4) Duomo, the Catholic Cathedral is certainly the most popular but also the most beautiful Catholic Church existing on the island. It was built in the 16th century but acquired its present appearance in 1970 after repairs had been done to it, from the damages caused by the bombardment of the town, in the 2nd world war. It is situated in the Town Hall square and is an unforgettable sight for all passers by and visitors.

5) The old fortress is undoubtedly a place of historical value, but its role today is a much more pleasant one. In its premises are housed, amongst other things, the musical department of the Ionian University, Saint Georges temple, as well as the "Byzantine collection of Corfu", which is displayed in exhibition hall at he central entrance of the fortress. The visitor could walk up to the top of the fortress, where he would find himself breathless not only from the walk but mainly from the view of all of Corfu town spreading out before his feet.

6) The Corfu Art Gallery has been placed in the palace of Saint Michael and St George and works of art by important Corfiot and non Corfiot artists are displayed there. A very beautiful place with a worthy collection.

7) The Asiatic Art Museum is also to be found in the same building as that of the art gallery. It has numerous collections from China , Japan, Korea and from the general eastern area. These collections are impressive and unique for Greek standards.

8) The Museum at Mon Repos. This is the former mansion of the royal family of Greece . In this museum one can see archeological findings but also has the opportunity to get a taste of how royalty lived in this residence.

9) The Museum of Antivouniotissa is a holy temple which was built in approximately the end of the 15th century and which today is one of the most important museums of Corfu . It has works of art of very old artists, one of them being Michael Damaskinos, the art teacher of Dominicus Theotokopoulos (El Greco).

10) Old Corfu Town has a unique appearance which mainly comes from the different architectural styles by which it has been influenced. The visitor should most definitely walk through its narrow roads (called kantounia). There he can see the picturesque sight of the locals wash, hanging out to dry, from window to window across the tiny streets, looking like colorful flags on a festive day.

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