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Pontikonisi (mouse island) ...The landmark of Corfu island !!

Pontikonisi, Corfu
Corfu is well-known for its famous little island called Pontikonisi.
It is a place that every visitor should visit. It is a beautiful green islet right in the entrance of Chalikiopoulos lagoon, opposite Corfu airport.
To get there, you can take one of the little boats that departs from the small harbour of the Byzantine church of Vlacherna, a small islet which is distanced just 100 meters from the land and united with the beach of Kanoni peninsula through a thin strip of raised land. There are several different opinions related to the origin of the name Pontikonisi.
According to the history, the original name of the islet was "Kondilonisi" which in Greek means "beautiful island". Through the years the original name was paraphrased into "Pontikonisi" which means "Mouse island".

According to other legend, Pontikonisi was the boat of Odysseus which was turned to this green rock that everybody know, by the God Poseidon during a storm. The main characteristics of this island are the dense vegetation and the Byzantine church of Pantokratoras dated from 13th century. The church celebrates every 6th August. Pontikonisi is the sightseeing with the most photo shots in Corfu owes its name to its dimensions. When you visit Corfu, take the boat and visit the famous Pontikonisi and feel its magic.

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