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Delfino Blu Hotel, Corfu | "The Perfect Romantic Getaway"

Although I am not usually accustomed to writing reviews, after a honeymoon at Casa Delfino on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, Corfu I want to share my experiences there so maybe someone else who is in search of the perfect place can read my review and hop on the chance! Being in my mid 40’s and having already been married once before with the whole fairy tale wedding and having concentrated less on the honeymoon, I wanted to do just the opposite the second time around. We had a small intimate ceremony with only a handful of friends and family which gave me more time to concentrate on our honeymoon. Seeing as though my husband is half Greek, Greece seemed like an obvious choice.

So the searching began for the perfect spot. Although we did hit the major tourist spots such as Athens and Crete, and definitely did not skimp out on the costs since it was our honeymoon it was my experience at Casa Delfino that left a lasting impression. Honestly speaking, we spent a decent amount more on hotels in the bigger cities but it made sense since those were heavily populated by tourists. When I found Casa Delfino I was impressed by the photos, although my husband was a bit more hesitant since he’s had a string of experiences where the website shows a much prettier side of things as opposed to the real thing. But I was done with endless searching on the Internet and we came to the decision that we’d give the place a try and if we didn’t like it we could leave.

Like I said before Athens and Crete were definitely beautiful but after having paid an arm and a leg for the different hotels, I wasn’t that impressed with neither the service nor the food. Luckily we were in the heart of the cities so good food wasn’t an issue! Having arrived at Casa Delfino and being greeted by Costa, the owner with an easy check in and a quick guided tour, a smile came to my face. It wasn’t the place but the satisfaction I knew I was going to get when my husband would admit he was wrong! Although I will admit that right before we came to the hotel I was also a bit worried.

Corfu island itself is absolutely breathtaking. It is clean, the vegetation lush and the water is a beautiful turquoise blue. Our bedroom had a complete view of the beach and the best part wasn’t the view but the actual bedroom. It was a warm environment and felt like home. I didn’t feel as though I was in a hotel but in maybe my own summer home…and the bathrooms were clean and they also provide complimentary premium toiletries, bath amenities and daily fresh clean over sized towels. Now why I mention this is because I unfortunately am not in my teens or twenties and the beach alone just doesn’t do it for me. The way the place where we are staying is, how it looks and how clean it is, is just as important to me as the fact that the property is on the beach and that the hotel provides complimentary beach towels to their hotel guest.

The food at Casa Delfino, whether it’s a romantic dinner outside with the breathtaking sunset or the morning buffet, is both aesthetically beautiful and delicious. The colors are vibrant, the presentation is exceptional and the tastes are amazing.
The location itself is perfect. Again being in my mid 40’s it was Casa Delfino’s location, private and intimate, but just a walk or a few minutes drive to lively nightlife that appealed to me. The service was definitely far above my expectations.
The wait staff, cleaners, greeters were all extremely polite and helpful and almost invisible. The place was not flooded with employees whom made it feel that much more comfortable and enjoyable…and Costa was always there!

I cannot express to all of you who are reading, how wonderful this place is. The people, location, food, service and the experience you will have there will go above and beyond what you will expect. And if not for anything else, if you’re ever there you must go and eat at the restaurant. I would have to say it’s probably the best restaurant in the area; whether you go for dinner or the breakfast buffet which includes everything from a selection of fresh juices, fresh breads, the organic jellies and preserves, fresh eggs, and a wide selection of meats (sausages, beacon, etc.). You will not be disappointed!!!

date of review: Dec 2007  ,  source: tripadvisor  ,  member: rebecao

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