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Delfino Blu Hotel, Corfu
"Lovely Hotel in Corfu, GREAT WELCOME, TOP SERVICE"

Staying at the Delfino Blu was just what we were looking for. Surrounded by the island's natural beauty and the hotel’s low key laidback atmosphere with understated sophistication, extraordinary service and is located on one of the best beaches in Greece. Delfino Blu hotel went beyond its duties to pamper us and catered to our every need. There were these little things that Kostas the owner did for us that separated this hotel from all the rest. We were staying in Agios Stefanos for five days. Three of five days we stayed at the Delfino Blu and on the other two nights we had to stay at a luxury condo rental because the Delfino was fully booked and had no vacancy.

That morning when we were staying at the condo it was raining out and we were trying to figure out how to get to the Delfino Blu for their amazing breakfast buffet. Next thing we know we are waiting for the rain to stop and Kostas the owner of the Delfino to our surprise had sent a car over to the condo to pick us up and bring us to the Delfino Blu for breakfast. That is just one of the examples of how Kostas and the staff went out of their way for us

Then you have the little extras that the hotel offers to its guests. Every room comes equipped with a laptop computer and free wifi internet access. They offer complimentary beach chairs and beach towels to the guests, which is nice and not offered at many places. The other thing that impressed us was the size of the bathroom in our room; you can actually fit more than one person at a time as it wasn’t some tiny closet with a shower and a toilet. Our room and all of the hotel property were spotless. We also recommend when booking that you get the package that includes breakfast and dinner. The breakfast buffet was by far one of the best in Greece with all quality fresh products, the fruits, juices, yogurts and different cheeses plus eggs, ham, etc. and dinner at the Delfino Blu was great, they probably have the best restaurant in Agios Stefanos. The food was authentic home style Greek food. The type of food you would eat at a local’s home for dinner.

The evening would start like this, drinking some wine, watching the sunset, eat dinner, have more wine, and listen to the light live Greek music playing in the background. It’s a very romantic place and definitely worth coming back for a few days to get away and relax from everything. This type of service and atmosphere you just can’t find everywhere. My wife and I have traveled all over Greece and Europe and I must say that the service at the Delfino Blu is one of the best in Europe and a great value for the money.

date of review: Sept 2010  ,  source: tripadvisor  ,  member: np318

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