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Lefkimmi is one of the biggest villages of Corfu island with the 5000 residents. Lefkimmi is a village that was
not developed touristically, it keeps his layout and it is lived by Corfu all the time as the smallest ones villages as Argirades, Agios Mattheos and Sinarades (all these southern from the city of Corfu). The buildings are old and they have not been maintained as it would be supposed, consequently and the first glance it can be proved unpleasant but sure no commercial as a lot of regions where they entertain tourists. Lefkimmi is a place that remained in the customs of the past, see often women above in the ridge of a horse, and other in the door of house and speaking with neighbours, old men to the cafe of the village where they drink coffee and speaking with the other residents of village and the men in the fields. In Lefkimmi there is a small channel that passes of the centre where find & stays with their boats the fishermen. In near distance from the village there is the homonym lighthouse, a salt factory and a village that called Potami which is crossed by a river and is characterized by a bridge that links the two sides

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