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The island of Vidos
The small, wooded isle of Vidos lies just half a mile from Corfu Town's Old Port, allowing you to glimpse the
historical buildings of the Old Town and St. Spiridon's church, framed by pine trees and clear blue sea. Known in ancient times as the Island of Hera, sister of Zeus and goddess of marriage, the seemingly tranquil paradise of Vidos has lived through much history. Under Venetian rule, which dominated Corfu Greece from the 15th century to the early 18th century, tunnels were built linking Vidos with the main island. Criminals were tried at the Old Fortress in Corfu Town, and then transported through the tunnels to Vidos island , which was once Corfu's 'Alcatraz'
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Corfu is inscribed by UNESCO
as World Heritage Site

Vidos island - Corfu

The isolated remains of the prison and its solitary confinement area can still be found today. Vidosisland had
always been a strategic point in Corfu's defences, and following the departure of the Venetians, Vidos island was fortified under French governance. Vidos also gained its name from the French. The last foreign power in Corfu was the British, who turned Vidos into an almost impenetrable fortress, before destroying their own and all the previous fortifications on their departure. They also demolished the church of Agios Stefanos, which had been built by the
Saints Jason and Sosipatros. A final chapter in Vidos' island history came during the First World War.

By following forest paths, you can discover the haunting Serbian Mausoleum, monument to some 1,232 Serbian soldiers who lost their lives to plague and starvation while defending Corfu's freedom. Inside, all of the soldiers are commemorated and offerings of flowers and candles are strewn amongst the photographs and memories.
A memorial book is also provided for those who wish to add their gratitude and thoughts. Today, the island of Vidos is a more peaceful escape, and a favourite amongst Greeks and tourists alike. The pine-strewn paths lead you through the island's history, but also to its present beauty. Stunning, secluded beaches and quiet forest spots can be found, as well as a sole taverna at which you can enjoy the traditional food and spectacular view across the sea to Corfu Town.

Another point of interest is a beautiful old house, which was used in the filming of 'Fedora', a 1970s film set in
Corfu and starring Michael York. Vidos also accommodates the Kerkyra Bird and Wildlife sanctuary, and you will come across the wild rabbits, pheasants and goats who call Vidos home as you explore Corfu island.
Many resorts on the East coast of Corfu offer organised excursions to Vidos island , but it is also possible to visit the
island using a regular boat service from Corfu Town's (Kerkyra)Old Port

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