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CORFU or Kerkyra island
The beautiful island of Corfu, the island of cantadas (traditional Ionian Island love songs) offers a unique atmosphere and style that steels the heart of all its visitors. According to Greek mythology, the island got its name from the daughter of the river god Asopos, Nymph Korkyra, who was carried away by Poseidon. In Homer's Odyssey we read that Odysseus found shelter here in Corfu at the end of his wanderings and received the care of King Alkinoos and his people Pheaces and his daughter Nafsika
PAXOS or Paxi
This is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, with its main town and port called Gaios. The island is so small that it is possible to walk from one end to the other. The island has many lovely beaches with little coves that lend themselves ideal for snorkeling and fishing in its crystal clear waters
corfu coast
LEFKADA or Lefkas island
Connected to mainland Greece by a narrow bridge, it is possible to reach this island by car. Very mountainous and full of dense vegetation, Lefkada has miles of sandy beaches - at Nidri, Vassiliki and Agios Nikitas. At the most southern tip of the island is the shrine dedicated to the god Apollo, where it is also believed that the poet Sappho took her own life by flinging herself off the cliffs. Along its eastern coast there are the lovely little islets of Skorpios, Madouri and Sparti. Skorpios is the most famous as it belongs to the notorious Onassis family.
This island is the largest of the Ionian Islands and often described as the most "green" due its fir covered mountain Ainos(1,600mt high) and many groves throughout the island full of olive trees, orange orchards and grapevines.
The capital, Argostoli, although a very old city, unfortunately does not have much to show of its past as a result of the destructive earthquake in 1953. Remains of few houses and the arched bridge across the lagoon, however can be seen. The excellent road network, enables the visitor to explore the island's many beaches such as Myrtos (with its turqoise waters and soft white sand), the beaches at Lixouri, Katelio and Scala. Fiskardo, north of the island is a picturesque harbour town, surrounded by a thick cypress forests. A few natural wonders can be seen on this island - the caves of Melissani and Drogorati, and the sea mills at Katavothres. Melissani is actually a subterranean lake with the unusual phenomenon of when the sun shines overhead and its rays hit the crystal clear waters of this lake, the light is broken up into a myriad colours. Drogorati is a cave with amazing stalagtites. Katavothres, 2 kilometres from Argostoli offers a rare geological sight. Sea water enters openings in the rock where it disappears. Scientists have found that this water flows northeastwards underground, to come out at Melissani. Formerly this water used to travel at such a rate that it was used to power the 2 sea mills.
ITHAKI or Ithaca island
The island of Odysseus - a tiny, mountainous island, with lovely beaches and clear water. As Odysseus yearned to return to his home at the end of his long journies, so it is said that any visitor to Ithaki, once visited, will yearn to return. Picturesque traditional villages and harbours abound, breathtaking views of the island can be had from the bell tower of the Kathara Monastery - one can see as far as the gulf of Patras.
ZANTE or Zakynthos island
An oblong-shaped island, the most southerly and the closest to the Peloponnese. An island full of friendly inhabitants, rich past and many sights to see. A very famous landmark that indentifies Zakynthos is the Italian Renaissance church of St. Nicholas, with its Byzantine bell tower. The basilica of St. Dionysios dedicated to the patron saint of the island is also a lovely landmark. Unfortunately most of its Renaissance buildings and examples of Venetian architecture were destroyed by the earthquake of 1953, but this influence can be seen in its music, museums and some restored monuments peculiar to this island. ZANTE is blessed with beautiful beaches, the most famous being Laganas where the sea turtle "caretta-caretta" is trying to co-exist with the tourist

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