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Diving in CORFU island - Scuba Diving Schools in Corfu
Diving in Corfu (and most of the Meditteranean) centers less around the abundance and variety of fish & more
on interesting rock formations, swim-throughs, and exploration of wrecks. The visibility is surprisingly good (averaged around 50 ft) and octopus, squid, starfish, and fire worms are quite common. Corfu diving centers are very informal operations, with a traditional Greek approach to planning dive trips (in some cases this can be frustrating when trying to organize daily activities). The local divers are very friendly though, and make up for their lack of organizational skills with their zest for diving. Most of the good diving in Corfu is along the western coast and north-eastern coasts, picking accomodation close to where you will be diving is highly recommended
Diving in Corfu
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CORFU Diving Centers
Scuba diving and accommodation packages in corfu island, greece. Superb destination for divers and non divers. With plenty to do for divers and non-divers
Contact details and information about equipment, excursions and courses from this diving shop in Sidari.
Corfu divers dive centre was established in 1995 with just a few tanks and sets and a great deal of heart to create a center where the divers and their desire to enjoy the treasures of the sea ...
Includes details on classes with PADI instructors, snorkeling and dive rates, and contact information, located at Ermones bay - North west Corfu.
On the gorgeous bay of Agios Stefanos in Corfu, lies San Stefanos Waterfront Dive shop & much more ..
Meet the vast blue of the Corfiot bottom of the sea… the verdant island of the Phaeacians which apart from its natural beauty and nobility it also hides its secrets in its boundless sea bed.

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