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A Green Holiday in Corfu

Corfu is a small island on the north west of Greece, between Italy, Albania and the Greek mainland. It is green and hilly, but its best attraction for green travelers is certainly the mount on the north. This mount, which is 918 meters high, is called Pandokratoras, which in Greek means ‘the One who governs everything.’
Mount Pantokrator (also named as Pantokratoras) is the nest of many small villages, such as Korakiana, Skripero, Petalia, Perithia, Episkepsi and Spartilas. Nature lovers can enjoy a beautiful view from those and smell the aroma of the fresh herbs and wild flowers that grow on the mount.

At the top of Mount Pantokrator there is a small monastery that celebrates God every year on the 6th of August. Lots of people visit the monastery on that day, both local and travelers. To enjoy the trip more, you can visit the monastery a day before the celebration, or right after. The road up there is narrow and winding so it may take you a long time to reach the top. Once there, you will have a beautiful view or a romantic sunset. For sport lovers, hiking is a very good idea. The road is full of green and you will breathe fresh air mixed with the aroma of herbs and wild plants. It is a pure place that will revive and de-stress any person. There are paths you can follow but you should be careful when the weather is hot as snakes come out and some of them may be poisonous.
The best is to follow the road to the top. Many travelers cycle to the top, so this is an alternative solution, though rather tiring as the road is uphill. All around the route you can see endless olive groves & cypress trees. As you walk you will see the red tiled houses of the villages and the church towers in each of them. Some villages have got more than one churches. Orchards and vineyards lie in between the green as well as oak and pine trees.

Pantokrator is a small paradise mount for green travelers and nature sensitive people. Visitors can stay
overnight at village houses without having booked in advance. They just have to ask the people at the café (there is always one café for the local people) of the village and they will find a place. In busy months though, they have to be prepared in advance (and maybe book a hotel accommodation in the area, such as Hotel Pantokrator).
The mount is the perfect holiday combination for all nature lovers, including families and independent travelers who seek local flavor. It is within easy reach of the beaches and the tourist resorts and it is only half an hour drive away from the town of Corfu (Kerkyra)!

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